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Duco Paint Specifications
Chevrolet Parts -  1929-34 DUCO PAINT SPECIFICATIONS
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The Duco Paint Specifications is a listing of Color Combinations available for 1929-1934 Chevrolet cars. Each listing shows the color used on: Hood, Hood Molding, Hood Stripe, Wheels, Body Panels - Upper & Lower, Body Moldings, Molding Stripe, Instrument Panel, Window Offsets, and Garnish Moldings. This chart works in conjunction with the Chevrolet Paint Instruction Drawings (currently available for 1929-1932 cars - not all models available). Both will be invaluable in making your restoration accurate! 1929 Owners NOTE: The paint listings in this sheet are somewhat limited for 1929 cars. A better source for paint combinations in 1929 is the 1929 Service News - our part number SN-29.

For 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 Chevrolet Cars

1 Items Found
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