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600WT. Gear Oil
Chevrolet Parts -  600W GEAR LUBRICANT - QUART-USE 1911-1936
USD $12.95 QT
1911-1936 Cars & Trucks use this special gear oil. This gear oil is a 600W substitute modern equivalent with a designation of ISO 680. This is also an equivalent for SAE 160 gear oil but with a big difference - there are NO ADDITIVES in this gear oil. Additives in modern gear oils will attack the bronze bushings in early differentials & transmissions. Caution! USING MODERN GEAR OILS CAN DAMAGE YOUR TRANSMISSION OR DIFFERENTIAL. Our 600W gear oil is specially formulated to be used in 1936 & earlier transmissions, differentials, shackles & steering boxes from the 1920's & mid 1930's. Refer to your specific owners manual to determine if this oil is correct for your application. It is important to note that this gear oil has no additives (like modern oils) that will attack brass or bronze parts that are in the early transmissions and differentials. Most cars with 3-speed transmissions will take 3 quarts to fill the transmission, differential and universal joint housing. If you want to have a little extra or you have a 1-1/2 ton with 4-speed transmission, order 4 quarts. *NOTE: LIQUIDS AND FLAMMABLES CAN NOT BE SHIPPED VIA AIR. NO OVERSEAS SHIPMENTS ON THIS ITEM, GROUND FREIGHT FOR CONTINENTAL U.S. ORDERS ONLY.

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1 Items Found
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